Sporting Online is a private Limited company founded in 2000.
The shareholder structure of Sporting Online is as follows:
Management 52 %
Beisheim Holding Schweiz AG 36.61 %
Business Angels 11.39 %
Beisheim Holding Schweiz
Founded as a sister company of the Metro Holding AG, Beisheim Holding Schweiz investment in Sporting Online Ltd. is part of the company’s strategic ‘new economy’ activities. Since ’98 around US$250m have been invested in expanding the group of now 100 companies with 5000 employees. The most renown-associated companies of Beisheim Holding Schweiz include Scout24and Primus Online.
Business Angels
The group of business angels is made up of a of several experienced businessmen being active in the field of venture capital and e-commerce for many years. The business angels underline the overall strict smart money approach as they are giving both, the financial and know how support.