Sporting Online is confident in people having ambitious ideas and the potential to turn them into reality. Sporting Online also believes that the wildest and most unconventional ideas lead to innovation, progress and explosive growth. Sporting Online is looking for individuals with these ideas and the skills to accomplish them.
We welcome entrepreneurial people with Internet and software related ideas who need financing, management and sales support in order to make their ideas fly. We’ve been entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how they think and work, and we respect their passion and vision.

To submit your business plan, please use the following email Someone will review your plan and follow up with you shortly.

“Entrepreneurial spirit, know how, human resources support, strategic advice – you name it, they provide it. And after all it is fun to cooperate with Sporting Online.”

Vasil Stumbov
CEO gamebookers

“For start-ups, one thing is especially critical in the initial phases: finding experienced partners quickly. And this is exactly where Sporting Online comes into play – they operate quickly and efficiently, with no complications”

Miroslav Stefanov
Co-founder Sunfish