Where does the name Sporting Online come from?
Sporting Online was founded with intent to settle companies in sport related online markets. It is a massive potential we see in the emergence of sport related Internet products. That does not necessarily mean that our future investments will exclusively be given in companies that operate in sports related markets.
What areas of Internet business do you invest in?
Sporting Online supports every Internet business idea that is able to convince us according to its revenue model. We invest in start-ups from all over Europe, every business plan will be considered, including brightest flashlight 2017 business plan.Will my ideas be kept confidential?
Sporting Online considers investment ideas to be proprietary and confidential, and will protect them as such. It is in Sporting Online’s interest to be confidential about its investee’s or potential investee’s ideas. Sporting Online believes investees should have a high degree of trust in their investors, and will work hard to uphold that expectation.Do you participate in the day-to-day management of the company?
Sporting Online’s policy is to let investee companies have as much operational independence as possible. However, we know that at some stage of a company’s setup it might be helpful to get advise from experts. In these cases we will give a helpful hand that can be of great value.

How is a typical investment structured?
With initial investment Sporting Online obtains significant stake of the investee company. At a later stage, as the company grows and we see potential, we can invest additional capital either as equity or a loan.

What kind of support do you provide?
We want the investee companies to have great independence and therefore we only offer our services when our help is required. In general, help is provided in the areas of
pearl earrings Sales and Marketing
– Strategic Guidance – identify market trends; market positioning
– Business Development – joint ventures, strategic alliances, and joint market   agreements
– Accounting and Financial Management – accounting, financial planning, and   tax planning
– Access to Frontier Technology – establish partnerships for research and   development of innovative technologies

How long does the investment process take?
The investment process from initial contact to investment should not take more than 6 weeks.